rom firmware oppo reno – reno 10x

rom oppo reno cph1917 firmware

rom oppo reno 10x zoom download free for you
oppo reno 10x zoom

currently oppo reno has 2 rom – firmware versions. Please check before downloading the firmware. Or you can download the latest rom version. Note that the firmware version should not be downloaded lower than the current version of the device.
These are official firmware versions from OPPO. encourage customers to use this official version. to avoid unwanted risks. Any problems encountered we are not responsible, so please check carefully before proceeding to load the rom.

Ver No.: CPH1917EX_11_A.08

Ver No.: CPH1917EX_11_A.06

more rom oppo here

rom oppo reno 10x zoom firmware

Ver No.: CPH1919EX_11_A.10

oppo reno cph1917 cph 1919 rom firmware
oppo cph1917 cph1919

oppo reno 10x zoom firmware chp1919 you can download below. Official ROM version from publisher Oppo Mobile.

quick start Guide
1, download rom oppo reno
2, copy the file to the memory card
3, put reno phone into recovery mode (hold power + vol down)
4, select Install from storage device> Install from SD> rom oppo reno (.zip or .ozip)
5, wait for the end and restart the device

Notes before proceeding to load the rom-firmware
1, backup important data (contacts, messages ……)
2, the device must have a battery capacity of over 50%
Whether done by this method is quite safe. and no loss of device data. but you should not ignore the recommendation. We try to guide you to avoid any bad luck.

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