free rom oppo f5 youth , model cph1725. website share rom oppo mobile. and more rom mobile.


version : CPH1725EX_11_A.18_180117

capacity : 2.0G

model : oppo f5 youth CPH1725

oppo F5 Youth rom download
oppo F5 Youth rom download

download rom

download rom link 2

how to update rom ota

1. download file rom oppof5 youth rom

2. copy to sdcard

3. turn off oppo f5 youth phone

4. hold (vol -) + power

5. select install from sdcard

6. wait for finish with a cup coffee. enjoy

more rom oppo free download here

note : not lose data when update via ota

how to flash with stock firmware

fimrware rom oppo f5 youth

Please read the instructions before getting started

  1.  manual backup data
  2.  Charge 50% or more
  3. Do not disconnect before completion

now , you must download stock firmware

file firmware Oppo F5 CPH1725_11_A.18_180117

download stock firmware

download stock firmware link 2

file flash Oppo F5 CPH1725_11_A.06_171111

download stock firmware

download stock firmware link 2

When the download is successful, unzip the file flash oppo f5 youth. Inside the file there will be a directory (sn flash tool) (driver) and (firmware).

step 1  : install driver (driver folder) skip this step if the driver is installed

install driver

step 2 : select flash tool exe (sn flash tool )

open flash tool

step 3 : choose download >>>>>>> choose scat file

flash tool open 1

step 4: choose file scat (firmware folder)

select scat file

step 5 : Hit the key (vol-) + (power) connect the phone to PC via usb cable and click download button

download rom

step 6 : wait for completion

flash tool success

*** note ***

stock firmware oppo f5 youth that we share is provided by the phone distributor. It helps to restore your phone to its original stateFixes some bugs such as hanging the boot logo, software error, update error, and dead issue, and more    ………..

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