VEEU APP is a money-making application on the phone in the form of video clips. The new app is being paid for you part time attendance. Because of the simple, easy way to play, do not limit the amount of money earned in one day. Quick withdrawal time via paypal. with limits of $ 15, $ 30, $ 60. The withdrawal has been verified as successful (no scam)

Here we will talk more about how to compose money with VEEU

How to make money is quite simple: watch video, comment, share, invite friends (introduce new players)

1. watch the video

This way is the mainstream of the application, its operating platform is sharing the video for everyone to see. See as much money as possible. Rich video content: beauty, humor, technology, sports, animation, lifestyle …..

Just watch it, swipe up, swipe down to switch to another video. with billions of videos to choose from. Say it is not. Just swipe to a long video, about 10 -20 minutes and let it run for video. So you have money. No need to know what video content is. For a while it was a stroke.

Be sure to turn on the phone screen for continuous operation. To make the money as simple as possible. Otherwise you have to open the machine continuously is not very good. This way you can watch all day long earning money not boring. Be sure to turn on screen features or maximum screen lock time.

Also every time you go to this application to earn more bonuses by day. If you work hard, you will receive more time (about 3-5 hours is a receipt) and also by the day.

2. comment

This is a way to earn extra for your viewing. Each time a comment is marked, it is added to a certain amount of money.

3. share

Share to have a lot of money

Sharing will be the thing to do, from here will have more sources of income that you do not expect. Such as sharing on facebook, forum, forum, social networking. Every time someone watches the content you share, you have money. Also when they sign up for a new account from here, you are also considered a successful referral.

4. introduction (make money fast)

Enter the code here to receive $ 1

Any form of online money making is also likely to have this item. To develop new customers. Encouraging new customers to introduce new customers is a top priority. So every time you introduce success. it will add up to $ 0.5 per guest.

The form as follows: when customers download app veeu will need to login with either google account or facebook. then watch any video 3 minutes long or a total time of 3 minutes or more can enter the referral code. This code is IDCLP7 (idclp7). After importing you will be added $ 1 (apply only to the first 1000 people, but who then enter is only $ 0.5 default level of all accounts created. new). There will be many people wondering about why the $ 1, then I would say: who gets the top ref will have this incentive. When you head ref or not, then only $ 0.5. Also those in the top ref will be plus $ 5 -10 $ -20 $ -50 $ and the highest level is 100 $.

5. lucky spin (veeu lucky spin)

PLAY ROUND Lucky veeu

This is a complementary way of doing things, and many of them can lose a lot. This does not say much. Games that do not say anything.

6. tool and cheat veeu

In fact, I also have a way to hack this application veeu. But I do not encourage. I only test if you define the bowl bowl porridge should not engage. Everybody says it, then it’s dark. It even affects many other players, if it collapses, the revenue of brothers will affect. or the app will not be able to survive. You can refer to more hack cheat trick by asking him google. And I do not want to talk about this. Something to worry about if you lose this good source of income.

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